If you connected your Airbnb account with Octorate, your ads are automatically synced and set up on instant booking.

If you want to set up reservation mode on request, you have two possibilities.

Accept reservations on request up to a week before

Enter the room/apartment, click on "Create this room on Airbnb" and set a week (168 hours) in the "Advanced Notice" box.
You will accept as "on request" all bookings received up to a week before.

Disconnect your ads from Octorate

You can disconnect some ads from Octorate to activate the "reservations on request" mode. Warning: this way you will have to manage the ads from the Airbnb extranet.

Enter the Channel Manager and select Airbnb. Delete the mapping for the room/apartment you want to disconnect (move the arrow).

Now log in to the Airbnb extranet.
Click on the ad, enter the Booking settings, click on the edit button, choose the option "All guests must send a reservation request" and follow the steps.

Return to the ads list and click on the Publish button.

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