Enter the RESERVATIONS section and get into the details of the reservation you want to invoice.

If you have already registered a payment (click here to see how to register a payment inside the reservation), the total amount on the invoice you'll create will appear as paid.

If you want to issue an invoice right from the detail section of the reservation, clic on the + , see the picture below:

In the next screen, the payment will be highlighted in green ( WARNING : this means that it has not been linked to the reservation yet. Therefore, it will be in that colour until you wont click SAVE at the end of the page):

The invoices in yellow have not been settled yet:

When the payment, including the tourist tax, will be completed, you can register the payment by accessing the Save Payoff section and by clicking the blue + :

In the next screen, you can choose if setting all the elements ( total amount, city tax, extra, etc.) as "paid".
If you want to do so, Set all the elements as paid on ON and Save.

Otherwise, leave it on OFF and only register the payments you have actually collected.

By clicking on SAVE at the end of the page, you link the payment in the booking to the related invoice.

Make sure you insert all the elements of the reservation ( total amount of the reservation, city tax, extra, etc.) before you send the invoice to the customer!

Click on the green interrogation marks you find, and learn how to use all the functionalities of the Octorate billing system!

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