Access the Channel Manager section,
then click on the blue plug against the portal you need to activate.
These examples are about

In the next window you will find two columns on the screen:the left column is the list of rooms created on Octorate, on the right you have the rooms imported from the OTA (image 3 - example).

Image 3 - Click to zoom

  • On the left column, click on each Octorate room you want to connect. They will appear at the center of the screen (image 4 - example).

Image 4 - Click to zoom

  • Follow the same procedure for the right column (image 5 - example).

Image 5 - Click to zoom

  • At the center of the screen, you will see the rooms selected from Octorate and from the OTA. Look closely at the two little squares in image 6: click on the left square pressing the mouse left button, then drag the mouse to the other square.

Image 6 - Click to zoom

  • You have just connected Octorate room with its equivalent on the OTA.Now repeat the process for all the rooms you want to connect.After you finish the procedure, you will have this result (image 7 - example

Image 7 - Click to zoom

Once your mapping is completed,
click on the green button on the upper left side of the screen to complete it!

Get in touch with us to complete the connection!


It is fundamental to link all the rooms belonging to the OTA to the ones in Octorate.
In case you realize that some of the rooms of the OTA
are missing in the Octorate list, create them in the Channel!
If you do not remember how, click HERE.
Should you need to create a Derived Rate, click HERE then.

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