Access the Settings > Administration > Property section, click on the arrow

In this page, you will find four sections:

  1. Price List

  2. Room List

  3. Export Reservations

  4. Customize Exemptions

👉 Price List

First of all, set up whether the calculation needs to be done on the base of a fixed value or in percentage, by selecting the entry according to your needs 👇

Type in:

  • the daily cost of the city tax for instance, € 1,50 per day 

  • the maximum number of days the city tax can be applied for
    in some cities, the local tax can be charged for a determined amount of days; if in your case there is no limit, type 999

  • a potential limit of age for children
    example: free for children under the age of 8 years.

If you set the calculation in percentage, you can also set the maximum city tax value per person ⬇️

👉 Room List

Do you need to set up a specific city tax value according to the booked room/apartment? Click on [+ Add new] to create a customized city tax value.

From the new window that will pop up, you can:

a. choose whether to set up either a fixed value or in percentage, and type in the numeric value.

b. Advanced settings - In case your region requires it and you are aware of this option, you can type codes related to the calculation of the city tax in this box.
TourTax is an example.

c. select specific rooms

👉 Export Reservations

It is a shortcut to the section dedicated to the export of the amounts related to the city tax, you normally find in the Reservations section, by clicking on the advanced options button

👉 Customize Exemptions

Here you can determine the categories not included in the city tax calculation

By clicking on the [Enable] button 🔛 you can activate/deactivate the exemption.

By clicking on the button with the pencil✏️ instead, you can set up specific details concerning the calculation of the tax for each category:

  • type of vale (fixed/in percentage)
    value of the portal

  • number of night

  • three possibilities of setting up the period of validity for the exemption: months of the year, period of the year, single event

  • specify the age range

Do not forget to Save at the very end of the page! 

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