Stripe payment gateway is an American corporation supporting more than 100.000 companies in 25 countries. Its technology offers fraud detection and protection, in addition to managing online payments 💳

For more information about Stripe costs and services, click HERE to display all the details.

You can enable Stripe directly from your Octorate account!

1- Access the Settings > Takings section and select Stripe from the drop-down Payment Gateway menu, then click on the highlighted entry 👇 

2- Once you complete the Stripe form and click on Authorize access to this account, go back to Octorate account and click here to have new pin code
(make sure you have previously inserted your mobile number and email address in the Settings > Property section)

3- You will get a message on your mobile and also an email with a link. Please insert the temporary code you received by SMS into the link received by email.


4. In the following screen, save a new PIN of your choice (the PIN code must contain 8 numbers ).

Congrats! 👍 Your Stripe account is now connected!

Always in the same page, you can decide to: 

  • enable credit cart validation - Stripe will then check in real time, whether the card is valid or not.
    Note: to use this service, make sure you previously bought credit on Octorate, in the Upgrade > Buy credit section.

  • Withdraw the balance of the reservation automatically

  • Withdraw automatically the balance of not refundable reservations only 

  • Withdraw the balance automatically, a certain number of days before the check in 

  • Withdraw automatically a percentage of the balance only

Well done! 😃

Should you prefer to deal with manual transactions on your customers' credit cards, click here for the specific article on it! 

Do you have a multi-property account and only one Stripe account, from which you manage all the Credit Cards? Follow this procedure on each Octorate son account!
As for the credit, you will only need to buy it from the mother account!
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