Are you using a Payment Gateway with which we are integrated and do you need to withdraw the booking amount from a customer's card?

This is the article for you! 😃

(N.B. If you have not correctly configured your payment gateway yet, click here to see how to configure Syspay or Stripe; if instead you use our free Gateway only to view the cards click here)

Access the Reservations section and click on the symbol with the pencil to access the details of what you are interested in:

You will find the item Payment mode with the customer's card obscured:

Use this button👇 to charge the customer's card

  • choose the payment mode (then credit card)

  • enter the amount you want to charge (the total amount or only a part of it)

  • if you also want to withdraw the amount of the tourist tax, leave the same amount, otherwise delete it if you want to receive it in cash

  • specify if you want to charge or pre-authorize

Finally click on [Save] and the transaction will be completed! 👍

The possibility to refund the customer's card depends on the contract with the payment gateway you are using.

Use this button👇 to view the customer's credit card

A window will open where you can enter your payment gateway PIN and then have access to the customer's credit card!

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