If you already have a Tripadvisor Rental account and you want to connect it to Octorate please follow these steps:

First :

  • Contact TripAdvisor and ask for connection with Octorate Channel Manager, specifying that you want send to Octorate your reservations.

  • Ensure that you have an account as Property Manager, otherwise send an email to pmsales@tripadvisor.com

After you have checked these first steps please verify your Octorate account:

  • You must have at least 15 rooms/apartments

  • Ask for connection with TripRental from Channel Manager > Connect New Site (if you have a multi account ask for connection from each child account)

  •  Check the Picture section in Rooms > Edit > Pictures you need to have at least 4 pictures 

Then go into each Room /Apartment  (Rooms > Edit) and click on Click here for TripAdvisor set-up

You will see a new page like this:

You need to fill the form ENTIRELY. This way we will be able to send the listing to Tripadvisor directly from your Octorate account!

N.B. if you have derived rates for the same room type (ex. not refundable, single use, double use) please fill the form for the main rate, the one from which you have created the others.

It's necessary to insert at least 4 pictures, CLICK HERE and have a look!

Once you have completed the ENTIRE FORM please click on the red button Submit. Do the same for each apartment you have and when you've done send us a message or call so we will complete the connection😊

Even only one field empty may affect the connection, so check carefully every form. If you need our help do not hesitate to contact us!

Do you have any questions?
Email us at tech@octorate.com !
Talk to you soon!

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