Set up the Stop Sale on a specific room typology, by leaving availability
of your rooms unchanged!

👉 For example: If you need to temporary close one of your room types and you already put 7 rooms available, you can set the room in Stop Sale. Once the problem has been fixed you can open again the room with the availabilities you already put in it.

👉 Or: You want to open a rate plan (e.g. not refundable rate) for a specific period and keep closed another one (e.g. standard rate)

To set the Stop sale on Octorate, go to [Calendar]

Double click the period on the rate plan you want to close.
In the next screen you can extend the period you want this rate plan to be closed then choose Advanced Settings > Stop Sale > Yes, then click on Save

It's easy, isn't it? 😊

Once you activate the Stop Sale on a specific rate,
only the box against the rate in question will turn red.

In this example, the activated the Stop Sale on the Standard Rate and
on the NR rate for one person.

remember that the Stop Sale is taken into account from the Booking Engine, only when this option👇is active in the Booking Engine EVO > Main Settings section


Remember that with Expedia it is not possible to close a single occupancy rate to sell (ex. I have 5 occupancy levels butI only wish to close the room for 2 people)!

However, you can decide to activate the Stop Sale on specific rate plans (NR, standard, RO BB ecc) by making sure that you activate the Stop Sale on each occupancy level, if applicable.

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