With Octorate you can enable for free the Payment Manager to view the data of the credit cards of your guests! 💳

Follow these steps to do it: 

  1. Access the Settings > Accounting > Automatic Takings section and select Only credit card visualisation from the drop-down Payment Gateway menu

2. Click on the red message to ask for the pin
(Note: make sure you have previously inserted your mobile number and email address in the Settings > Administration > Property section)

3- You will get a message on your mobile and also an email with a link. Please insert the temporary code you received by SMS into the link received by email.


4. In the following screen, save a new PIN of your choice (the PIN code must contain 8 numbers ).

Congrats! 👍Our Payment Gateway is now connected!

Once you completed all these steps, you can enter the detail of the new reservation (not the ones received before) and click on this green button: 

 remember that you can see the credit card of your guests up to three days after the check out of the guest. Regarding the CVC, you can view it just once and then it will be automatically cancelled; this because Octorate adheres to PCI standards level 1 for the online transaction security.
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