Here below you find the steps to proceed with the activation of Google Ads

Campagna pubblicitaria Google ADS (Adwords), primi nelle pagine di Google

1️⃣ Google My Business

Create your activity on Google My Business for free, with the same details of your Octorate account, type in a telephone number 📞 and the address of your property 🏠

2️⃣ Booking Engine

Make sure that the Booking Engine is included in your subscription and it's been correctly set up. Choose a price strategy and create discounts for customers that book on your own site💰 find out how on the dedicated article.

3️⃣ Metasearch

Make sure you have the Metasearch package included in your subscription.

⚠️ after the Metasearch activation, 36 hours are required to be live.

4️⃣ Check of the activity

Check that your activity has been registered on Google 👇


At this stage, by searching the name of your property on Google or on one of its platforms, the MyBusiness field will appear with two rate blocks below.

If you set up your account as described above, the rate of your property will be positioned in the second block, the one dedicated to organic results, gratis with Metasearch, together with the Official Site wording to differentiate it from the one of the OTAs (or your sponsored results) and people can compare it to other portals.

If you wish to appear in the first block, the one dedicated to Google Hotel Ads campaigns, follow the last step:

5️⃣ Upgrade > Buy Credit

Access the Upgrade > Buy credit section, buy the credito necessary 💵 (at least 50 euros) for the payment of Google commissions.
Then access the Marketing > Metasearch section, and set the section dedicated to Sponsored Ads on ON.

The rate of your website will appear among the first entries 👇


REMEMBER that from the Reservations section, you can get the list of reservations coming from Google Hotel Ads, just by clicking on the advanced options button

You can recognize the reservations coming from Google Ads, by the G icon -
green 📗 for all those reservations coming from the Metasearch free setup
and blue 📘 for the reservations coming from the Sponsored Ads (with credit in Octorate)

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