In order to activate Google Ads Hotel, make sure the
  Channel Manager, Booking Engine and Metasearch are active!

after that, you will have to:

  1. Choose a pricing strategy and create discounts for direct bookings 💰(click here to figure out how to create discounts for the Booking Engine)
  2. Create a business file free of charge on Google My Business, which must display the same details as in your Octorate account.Do not forget to add a telephone number and address of the property, and 24-hour availability  🕒
  3. Check the registration of your business on Google 👇
  4. Access the Upgrade section, then buy credit 💵 (at least 50euros) to pay the commissions on reservations received via Google (12%)If you have a multi-property account, you can only buy credit on the main account!
  5. From the Marketing > Metasearch section, set the Google Ads entry on ON, then Save at the end of the page 👇

Once all these steps are completed, you will have to wait up to 48h
till Google Hotel ADS will be active!

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