If you intend to publish an Airbnb listing you can now do it directly from Octorate! 🐙

To do this, go to the Apartments section > click on Edit next to the listing you want to publish > and click on Manage room on Airbnb 

Select the Airbnb symbol 

Once clicked, the full page of all the information to be sent to Airbnb will open! Be careful, there is a lot of information, be sure to fill in all the fields!

Remember that you have to put:

  • 7+ photos (minimum resolution 800x500 pixels)

  • 5+ services

  • 50+ characters in description field

  • 30+ days available in the next 12 months

  • 8+ characters in title field

Check and fill in all the required fields and once done put your listing Online

Last step, at the bottom of the page click on Save and Send to Portals

  Simple isn't it?
Do you have any questions?
Email us at tech@octorate.com !
Talk to you soon!

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