Before you ask for the removal of a portal from the list of connected portals in Octorate, make sure you have already deactivated the connection between Octorate Channel Manager and the portal in question. Connection request needs to be sent from both platforms, and so does the removal.

Normally, the majority of OTAs enables you to do it yourself. Let's see how, with the most common portals:
From the  [Account] section > [Channel Manager] ,
deactivate the connection with a click:

From [Expedia Connectivity Settings

From your account, click on the icon with the picture, select [Impostazioni Settings] > [Connected Apps] and remove Octorate from the list:

From the Hotel Self Administration (HSA) section, click on Access HSA

Should you have any queries, especially concerning other OTAs,
we urge you to get in touch with the Customer Support of the portal in question,
to ask them to remove the connection with Octorate.

In case you did all this already and informed our Support Team or in case you wanted to remove an unconnected portal from the list in Channel Manager, click HERE.

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