To connect your Octorate account to the extranet, proceed to request activation on the portal in this way:

Access «Hotel», then «General Info» and then select the «Channel manager» item at the bottom of the page choose our provider BBLIVERATE Octorate 🐙
(for more information contact the portal📩)

The portal will send us an email with the confirmation of the connection and we will contact you to give you the confirmation.

Log in to Octorate and go to the Channel Manager section, click on Connect New Site and choose Ostrovok

 Enter the hotel ID of Ostrovok and click on Connect! 🔧

 When you have done contact us on this chat 💬 and we will activate the connection! 

 What do we send to this portal?

prices ✅
Do you have any questions?
Email us at !
Talk to you soon!

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