You can quickly check the availabilities of each room on the dedicated line, which indicates the available units highlighted either in red or in green. 

There are two ways to update the availabilities: 

  1. Advanced Editor 

Click on the orange button with the small pencil, the Advanced Editor,
and the following window will pop up:

Select the dates you want to modify and
insert the number of available units against each room.

If you want to close all the rooms, just type a 0 in the AV box in the All the rooms line .

Click [Save] at the bottom of the page.

2)  Double Click

Do you want to update quickly the availabilities for a single room and a single date?

Just double click the availability box of the room in question,
against the day you need to update.
You'll se the window here below:

Extend or modify the period of time, where you read Date Interval, if needed.

From the Availability section, you can:
a. close the availabilities by setting them on 0
b. set to 1 the available units
c. add 1 available unit to the current situation
d. subtract 1 available unit to the current situation
e. type the number of available units

Save your changes.

If you inserted the right quantity in the Room detail
(Rooms > Edit > Quantity Available)
the system will suggest the maximum value for each type of room,
in order to avoid mistakes! 😃

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