First of all, make sure that your Airbnb credentials are not the same that you use to access Facebook or Google.

Access your Airbnb account and verify that each listing has these characteristics: 

  • 7+ photos (minimum resolution 800x500 pixels) 

  • 5+ services 

  • 50+ characters in description field 

  • 30+ days available in the next 12 months 

  • 8+ characters in title field 

It is time to access the Channel Manager section > Add new site in your Octorate account and look for Airbnb among the names in the list, then click [Connect]

Fill in the dedicated boxes with the credentials, then again [Connect]

If it is the first time you set up the connection between this Airbnb account and Octorate, a screen with Terms and Conditions will pop up and you will have to accept them.
Automatically, listings will be imported,

If you have a multi-account, once you accept Terms and Conditions, it will be necessary to select the listings you would like to import from this screen 👇

Save at the end of the page!

You will be automatically in the mapping page.
Complete it, then get in touch with use to finalise the connection process together! 

Do you have any questions?
Email us at !
Talk to you soon!

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