You can access the log list of activities in a few clicks, right from your account.

Access the Calendar and click on the grey button with the three dots, then select History of Changes from the drop-down menu.

Select the room and period of interest, then click on [Research]
You can select both, the dates when the modification was actually made (1), and the ones corresponding to the reservation or the modified period on the Calendar (2), since they may not correspond.

you will then see this screen

The AV column indicates Availability
for example:
av > 0 meaning availability was set to 0, closed
av > 1 means that 1 availability was opened for that room

Leave the pointer in the icon with the shape of a man 👤 to display the name of the user that made the modification.

Should you see an icon with a computer 🖥 it means that the activity is the result of an automatic process run by the system

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