Set up an advance notice period for your reservations!

Example: The double room has a 3-night advance period set up on the 10th of June. This means June, 7th is the last possible day to book the room.
You want the Not Ref rate to be available at least 3 days before the customer's check-in? Then set up a 3-day notice period for the Not Ref only!

To activate this function on Octorate, access the Calendar, click on the [Advanced Editor]

You'll see the following window:

Fill in the CutOff Days Column (CO) with the number of days for the advance notice you want to set up!

Otherwise, just double-click on one of the boxes against the rate you want to edit on the calendar, then select the dates.

Click on Advances Settings, then add the Cut Off Days ! ✅

Please, keep in mind that the minimum notice period will only be sent to and your Booking Engine Evo Octorate for direct reservations!

👉 Find out how to manage an advanced notice period for Airbnb!

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