If you want to give your customers the possibility to choose if booking an apartment as a whole or the single rooms that make it up, you should create a Suite Room!  🏡

Availability will therefore be updated according to the customer's choice!
Example: the SUITE is composed by a Double + Triple, so the SUITE (max. occupancy 5 people) will be bookable only if Double and Triple are available at the same time.
Access the Rooms section and click on Edit
corresponding to the whole apartment.
Click on Add if you still have to create this typology:

On the right side of the screen, select Aggregated, where you see
Derivation rules > Typology
and select the rooms that make it up 👇

Click on the name of the room in the Rooms Available section, then press the small buttons with the arrows to move it to the Selected Rooms box.

Do not forget to Save

If you have just created the Suite Room, you'll have to put it on sale!  
From the calendar, double click each room that make it up, select a period (12 months), select the classic scale icon, then Save!
Once this will be done on each room of the apartment, the Suite Room will be highlighted in green (available) on the Calendar.

From the Calendar section, double click on the Suite Room
and check the constituent rooms.

On portals like Booking.com, that allow customers to make multiple reservations, it would be correct to connect either the Suite Room or the single rooms that make it up. By linking both to the Channel Manager, you run the risk that a customer can book them both at the same time, the risk of an overbooking.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the price of the Suite Room cannot be derived.
That is to say that the price for this typology cannot be linked to any other rate and needs to be set directly from the Calendar.

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