Surely you must have asked yourself how to rename your rooms, and here you have an article that will make your doubts disappear!
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🔹Room Config Page
In the picture here below👇 you see the screen of the room config page, the same you find by clicking on Rooms/Apartments > Edit

In the highlighted box on the right-upper side of the screen, you can type in the names you want to be visible for the management of your own Octorate account.

🔸 On the PMS
If you have more units of the same room typology and you want to specify the different names, you will only have to set up the PMS!

Lines in grey are your Real Rooms!
By double-clicking on each of them, you can set up a specific name together with other details.

🔹 On the Booking Engine
From the room config page, click on Rooms/Apartments > Edit, type in the name in the Description section.

Check out the full article: click here

🔸 Room names on the portals
In order to edit the names of your rooms/apartments you're selling on the OTAs, you will have to ask the Support Team of the specific portal to guide you in this operation.

      ⭕ What is stated in this paragraph👆does not apply to Airbnb!

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