A Booking Request is a request from the guest,
which needs your Confirmation ✅ to become a true reservation

You can decide to activate it on your Booking Engine, by setting the Instant Booking entry on OFF, in the Booking Engine Evo > Payments section👇

Never forget to click on Save at the bottom of the page! 

*** You can Confirm/Reject the reservation from the page containing the details of the resa: Reservations > button with the small pencil, then click on the dedicated buttons
[Cancel Reservation]
and [Confirm] on the bottom-right side of the page.
In alternative, you can click on the clock icon and either close the availability by confirming the resa or cancel it.


Furthermore, reservations coming through the Booking Engine EVO and payed with Paypal or Bank Transfer generate Booking Requests automatically.  You will have to confirm the request manually once you've personally checked that money has correctly been transferred on your bank account (❗Octorate is not connected to it

To confirm/cancel the reservation, check the previous paragraph ***

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