Every time you create a new room, you decide whether to connect it from the mapping to the external portals (booking.com/Expedia/AirBnB..) or leave it only for the reservations of your direct site!😎

From the Rooms > Edit section, make sure that the room in question is visible on the Booking Engine 👇

If you want to close the availability of a room that is already connected in the mapping with an external portal, follow these indications: 

  1. Set up the Stop Sale on the calendar for the room in question. Click here if you don't remember how

  2. Go to the Booking Engine Evo > Main settings section and check that the Stop sales active on Booking Engine is set to OFF.

In this way the restriction will not be read by the Booking Engine and there the room will be available for sales!

N.B. we remind you that the function of the stop sales is compatible for now with the following portals Booking.com - Airbnb - Expedia

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