A Rental Agreement is a contract between the Host and the Guest 📋
which needs to be available during the reservation process,
and it is fundamental to complete the connection between Octorate and VRBO.

The Rental Agreement must have the following features:

🔹 NO logo, name, contact or reference of the accommodation

🔸It must include all the house rules, reservation, payment and cancellation policies.

🔹It must be translated at least in two languages: original language (the one used for
     the descriptions) and English 

🔸It must be a PDF

Example of a basic Rental Agreement

In the case of a Multiaccount, it will be necessary to upload the Rental Agreement
on a single son account. Once all the connectivity info will be saved, the contract will be automatically copied in the other accounts. 

⚠️ as of January 2021 the Rental Agreement is no more mandatory.
Anyway it is still a useful document to give info to your customers.

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