For each one of your rooms, you can decide to create different derived rates: according to the capacity level 🚻 if it's (not) refundable 💵
breakfast (not) included🍩 etc.

But how to relate these rates among each other? How to edit derivation rules?

Click on Rooms > Change Rates 

there you find a scheme regarding Rooms and Rates available in your accommodation👇 (should you have any doubt, check out the articles on Rooms and Rates) by double clicking on one of the boxes, you can check out the Derivation rules, that is to say the connection points between a rate and its derived one.

In this example (Triple Room Derived) we can see the info of this specific rate, in the upper part of the box:

  • rate for 2 Guests

  • It is a refundable rate (the box is deselected)

  • Breakfast is not included (the box is deselected)

In the second part, you see the derivation rates:

  •  Based on, indicates the main rate, on which this rate is based.
    In this case the Triple Room.

  • Price - how much does it cost (plus or minus) if compared to the standard one?
    In this case, it costs 20 euros less.

  • Availability - when you get a reservation on the standard rate the quantity of units available of this rate needs to get updated as well? Tick the box.

  • Duration of stay - this rate follows the same rules of the standard rate in terms of minimum stay? Tick the box.

  • Restrictions - this rate follows the same rules of the standard rate in terms of restrictions (check in/out not allowed)? Tick the box.

  • Stop Sales - if you wish to activate the Stop Sale on the derived rates automatically, just by activating it on the standard rate, tick the box.

Here you find a quick sum-up of the selected features of this derived rate 

-20 euros less than the standard
linked in terms of A > Availability
                              M > Minimum Stay
                              R > Restrctions

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