As you will surely know, the obligation is to insert guest information within 24/48 hours. However, we encourage you to complete the information within 40 hours to make sure that the system has time to process it. 

The hand icon in correspondence with the Status column, in the records history, indicates that the time limit for automatic sending has been exceeded

The record must therefore be managed manually.
Download the file directly from the record detail, by clicking on the blue button at the top right and manually upload the record on the portal! 


 If you notice that your records have not yet been sent,
 follow these verification steps

Step 1: Make sure to send the records on time! ⏰ the system takes charge of the records only if they are entered within the deadlines required by the law 

Step 2:  Daily automatic sending must be active, passwords must be correct 

Step 3:  Your license must be active 

Step 4: The data must not be continuously modified: The system waits approximately 15 minutes from the last modification before taking charge of sending the record 

Step 5:  If it is the guest to enter the data, you must always double check the data and click Save! 

 But when will my record be sent?
 If you have followed all the steps, it is reasonable to start worrying about the sending result if more than 3 hours have passed since the last modification! 

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