As you may have noticed, from the Booking Engine EVO section, you can create discounts for your personal website, that can be also sent to
🔹, Airbnb, HomeAway🔸
(only in case you're already connected to them, of course)

In this article, we will focus on the discounts for Airbnb and the features they must have in order be compliant with the portal.

First of all, it is fundamental to inform you that you cannot set up any restrictions in terms of period of validity. As soon as you activate the discount, it will be valid anytime. 

From the Booking Engine Evo > Discounts section, 💰set all the parameters and make sure to respect the following requirements:

 Early Booking Discount
the value inserted in Days before the arrival must be either 28 or 30, or a multiple of it.

Last Minute  Discount
the value inserted in Days before the arrival must correspond to or be less than 28.

Set Airbnb on ON then Save, to send the discount to the portal.

Concerning the mentioned typologies (Early Booking and Last Minute)keep in mind NOT to edit the Length of stay.

However, it can be used to create Long Stay Discounts and, in that case, remember that only the minimum value can be updated.

Weekly and monthly discounts can be set up directly from the dedicated section that enables you to edit Airbnb listings from Octorate

Click HERE to find out how to access that section!

Moreover, just keep in mind that:

  • discounts for Airbnb created from Octorate can include one restriction only each.

  • discounts for Airbnb are combinable. You can then set more discounts for the same period, provided that you're respecting the first point.

  • when making the reservation on the portal, the guest may not be able to see the name of some of the discounts (Last minute, Minimum Notice). However, they will directly see the discounted final price.

  • Seasonal discounts are applied before other discounts.

  • Discounts for Airbnb created from Booking Engine EVO > Discounts may overwrite discounts set in the listing config page in Octorate.

When filling in the discount page, you will see the list of requirements.
Whenever you meet one of the requirements with your set up, the line will become green. 

Find out how to create discounts for Airbnb,
right from the content management page! Just click 👉 HERE !

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