With the SPLIT · Reservation function, you can reallocate a reservation either to a room/apartment of the same structure or in one of the connected properties,
either for the whole period of stay or for a portion of it!

This function is active for all customers, who have the PMS included
in their subscription and properly set up!
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Let's see together how this works 😊 with an example:

We have the reservation Steinhold, 12-17 August
assigned to the Caravaggio Room in the Seven Kingdoms property

Due to an internal matter, we need to move the customer to another property, as of August, the 14th. We'll move him into the Rossa Room in the Totti property.
To do that 👉 right from the Reservations section > Edit, we will access the resa details and set the Split Reservation entry on ON.

We will then choose:
1.The Property of destination
2.Starting date for the reallocation  - the whole period or a part of it?
3.The new Real Room

Save at the bottom of the page!

The reservation will be displayed on both calendars with the scissors icon  
meaning that the resa has been split.
Availability will be updated automatically.

If you reallocate the reservation for the whole period of stay,
it will only be displayed on the calendar of the new property/room.

Moreover, if you wish to move a resa to another property for the whole period,
you can easily do it from the Calendar of the mother account: tick the Compact View, then drag the resa and drop into the new room.

The change of the room or the apartment will only affect the view on the PMS Tableau and on the reservations page.
All other functions and procedures of the reservation
(for example emails, voucher, invoices) will stay connected to the original one.

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