Let's clarify this concept that often makes our customers feel confused:

👉 What's a Room (Real Room)?
It is the physical place or location, where the guests will spend the night.

In the Rooms section, you find all the room types available in your property, together with their quantity (number of units) of each type.

Let's have a look at this example👇

We have 2 room typologies: a Double and a Triple room;
we have 2 units of the first room type, 1 of the second.
In a nutshell, there are 3 rooms in the property, of two typologies.

❗In order to close a room, you have two options, it just depends on your goal!
    🔻 you have no more availability, so you want to close that room type.
          Update availability by setting it to 0 then.
 🔻   you want to close a room type for a certain period, activate the Stop Sale.
         Once the issue will be solved, you can open it again and availability will be set
         back to how it was before you activated the Stop Sale.

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