Once the new BE has been activated on all of your properties,

1- Create the new OTA
from the mother account, access the Booking Engine EVO > Booking Engine OTA section, then click on [Add OTA] to create the new Network.

Complete the set up by choosing
👉 Name of the network, displayed features, description, logo, Tag, etc.
the Save! 

2- Connect the accounts
From the Booking Engine > Booking Engine OTA> Connect section of each son account, send the connection request to the Network of your interest.

Once the requests will all be approved,
3- Customize the accounts:
From the Booking Engine EVO > Booking Engine OTA > Show section of each son account, you can see a sort of recap of the current situation, and choose the Tags that concern our property.


In order to be displayed online, each son account needs to meet the following requirements:

a. Location section in Settings > Property properly filled in, and pin correctly positioned on the map 📍
b. Pictures uploaded in both, the room config page and (especially) in the Settings > Images section 🎑
c. At least one room 🏡 in the Rooms section.
d. Updated calendar with rates and availabilities  📆 (at least 30 days) 

5- Try out the Widget
From the Booking Engine > Booking Engine OTA section of the mother account, click on the small blue arrow to see a preview of the booking engine.

Here you have the new Booking Engine OTA with the available rooms! 

in order to see the properties on the map, click on [Filter with Map]
especially, when you decide to zoom it

Click on [Show all] to choose the filters and select the tags from the Others section

Should you be wondering how to create the Booking Engine OTA Widget, click here!

Do you have any questions?
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Talk to you soon!

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