When we speak about Network or OTA in the contest of our Booking Engine OTA,
we make reference to to the core structure of the booking engine, the one that includes all the properties that will then be sold under the same name: 

Normally, the Network is created from the mother account.
However, there is also the possibility of selling your own property on a public Network*, someone else's Network.

Access the Booking Engine > Booking Engine OTA> Connect
to send your connection request

if the son account has already been connected to another OTA, the screen when accessing Booking Engine > Booking Engine OTA will be different! However, by clicking on the blue button, all the functionalities will be the same!

Just select the OTA from the available Networks' list, then click [Connect]

If the Network was created by you on the mother account, access its Booking Engine > Booking Engine OTA > Show section, then accept the connection requests by clicking on the green flag ✅ 

On the other hand, if you decided to send the connection request to a public Network, then you should wait for the Admin approval!

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