Access the OctoDaily from Calendar > Tableau > Daily Planner OctoDaily
to check the situation of your property day by day
(arrivals, departures, rooms to clean)
with a simple and customizable layout!
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Find out all the functionalities of the buttons in the top bar!

It displays the current day on the planning 📆
Click on the calendar symbol to change the date!

Views section:

  1. Read the name of the view on the screen or click on the arrow to select another one, if you have already saved some views  

  2. Edit the set up of the View

  3. Place the boxes in a standard order on the screen

  4. Add [+] a New View

  5. Delete it

For further info on the Views, read the full article

Increase or reduce the zoom on the screen!

Filter the rooms by typing the name/number in the Search box.
Otherwise, click on the icons to select respectively arrivals, departures and rooms to clean.

Print out the daily report or get the full list with QR codes, to make the whole process easier and quicker! 


Furthermore, just by clicking on Calculate at the bottom of the page

you can see a recap of the Rate Plans booked for the selected day

Check out the full article about Rate Plans!

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For any further info or in case you did not activate OctoDaily yet,
get in touch with your sales rep or send an email to!

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