When we talk about Views 👀 we make reference to a customised screen,
containing all the details you need to keep your property under control! 

Access the PMS Real Planning > Daily Planner section, place the rooms the way you prefer, by keeping the highlighted icon👇 clicked with the mouse until you drag the box to the required position. Let it drop! 

Now click on the [+] button to add a new View, then choose:
1-  A name    
    Example: Ground Floor, first floor, etc.
2- A background picture
    click on the first button to choose it, on the second to upload it.
3- Auto Position elements: to place the boxes in a standard order on the screen
    ✓ Favorite: to set it as default View, when you access the planning
4- Select the room details to display in each room box
5- Select the rooms you want to see in the planner, when selecting this View 

Save at the end of the page! 

Do you have any questions?
Email us at tech@octorate.com !
Talk to you soon!

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