As you may have noticed, from the Booking Engine EVO section, you can create discounts for your personal website, that can be also sent to
🔹 and Airbnb 🔴
(only in case you're already connected to them, of course)

In this article, we will focus on the discounts for and the features they must have in order be compliant with the portal.

From the Booking Engine Evo > Discounts section, 💰set all the parameters and make sure to respect the following requirements:

 📌 Percentage of discount
for, it must be at least 10%

📌 Last Minute Discount
the value inserted in Days before the arrival must correspond to or be less than 8.

Now you can customize even more your promotions for

With our new connection features you can create

  • Offers available for Mobile devices only

  • Offers available for specific geographical areas

  • Offers for early bookings and advanced bookings

Set on ON then Save, to send the discount to the portal.

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