Do you know about the possibility to sell
only a part of your rooms on the OTAs? 🌀 

For example, you have 2 rooms, but you want to sell only one of them on a specific portal. Access the Channel Manager section, click on the orange button with the small pencil against the portal of your interest, then set the 50% Availability (1)

(2) set Synchronize now on ON, then Save! 👇

Do not forget that ⚠️ the synchro will be launched on the 365 days following the current date. If you wish to run it on a longer period, check out the dedicated article, click HERE 👈 !

⚠️ WARNING: we always make reference to the remaining availability.

Example: you set the percentage to 50%, in your property you have 4 rooms but today only 2 of them are available.
The portal will only get 1 availability (the half of the remaining availability)

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