In order to export the reservations report:
a. access the Reservations section
b. filter the results per Source and Status of the Reservation then click on [Search]
c. from the Advanced Settings button, select Export Reservations👇

From the following screen, choose the criteria to determine the time lapse of your interest  🕑

Select the details you you want to display in the file by clicking on them, then use the arrow to move them to the Selected Columns box  ⏩

When you are ready, just click on Save as Excel to download the file.

Scheduled Job 🚀

Now this feature allows you to export your reservations on Excel for longer periods and without any limit on the amount of data required.

The system will automatically start the process, there's no need to wait over.

You will receive a link via email, to download the Excel file instantly when it is ready!

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