In the config page of each room, in Rooms/Apartments > Edit, there's the Name box

The name you save in here, is the one you find in both, in the summary page in Rooms/Apartments and on the Calendar

However, in Octorate you can also decide to set up different names for the Booking Engine, that will be visible for your customers.

You will have to access the config page of each room, in Rooms/Apartments > Edit > Description, on the right side of the screen.

In the main room
a. you can specify the Typology Name, that will be common for all the rates
b. and the Name of the specific rate

In the derived ones, you can only insert the Name of the rate plan.

On the Booking Engine you will see the typology name above and all the available rates below, but all in the same box.

Warning, if you do not insert any name in the description section, the name displayed on the Booking Engine will be the one in the room config page, that is to say the one mentioned at the beginning of the article.

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