If you wish to split the income, access the Rooms > Edit section and look for the Revenue Share on the left side of the screen.

1) You can choose the name for the Label
  example: Cleaning Service

2) Choose the type of value:

  • Fixed - and specify how to make the calculation;
    example: per night, reservation, per person, etc.

  • Percentage

  • Portal Commission
    Value that we get directly from the portals that send this info.
    Otherwise, this value is taken from the percentage set in Channel Manager > orange button with the pencil against the portal

3) Set the VAT percentage value
4) Type of Exception, if applicable
5) A description of the Exception

You can decide, whether to display this partition in the invoice by activating the entry:


Print out the report of the reservations and display the division of the income directly among the columns of the Excel file! Do not forget to select the Revenue Share!

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