AddonPayments is a Spanish system for online payments management
founded by CaixaBank and Global Payments
that makes you save up to 1% on commissions 💳

You can create your account with Addon Payments right from the Settings > Payments section in Octorate!
Once there, select AddonPayment from the Payment Gateway drop-down menu, then click on the link 👇
If you don't have an account with this payment processor, click here to create it

Fill in the form, save the info and wait for an AddonPayments specialist to contact you.

Once the process has been completed, AddonPayments will provide you with two credit cards to be tested. At that point, you will have to get in touch with us!  💬

🔺WARNING🔺If you manage a multi-property account,
do not forget to set up AddonPayments on each son account! 

Do you have any questions?
Email us at !
Talk to you soon!

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