As explained in the overview article, the AutoPilot function allows you to automatically adjust availability, on the base of both the existing reservations in the system,
and the real quantity registered for each type of room!

📌 by activating AutoPilot Close Availability
The system reduces the amount of available rooms and closes the availability for dates, that could have been left open by mistake.
You CANNOT neither sell a number of unities (rooms) higher than the quantity you set for each room (point 1.), nor open availabilities for booked days
⏩ the system will close them automatically.

Deactivate or do not activate AutoPilot Close Availability, if you want to manage availability, at your convenience

If your idea is that of selling a number of rooms, which is lower than the real quantity you saved in the room config page,

you will necessarily have either to enter fake reservations manually or set the Out of Order on your rooms.

Hence you cannot insert a lower number of availabilities manually, because availability will not be correctly updated, in case you get any reservation on those dates.

Click here for further info about the Autopilot Open Availability
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