The Property Owners section enables you to set up your account, so that commission costs and incomes can be managed according to your internal needs. Let's see how!

🔹 Billing
Save your invoice data and bank details for payment.
Here you can also edit the layout of the documents that you will issue.

🔹Commission Rules
Set up the parameters for the division of the income.

🔹 Property Owners
Fill in the personal and invoice data of the owners and link them to specific properties.

Identify the reservations you need to process, by selecting the period and the involved owner, make an export in an Excel file and issue Payment Slips.

Select the period and the related parameters of your interest and display statistics related to the distribution of the income.

🔹Payment Slips
All the Payments Slips issued will be collected in this section: filter them by number of document, date of issue or owner, paid or unpaid.
You can create and print out new Payment Slips and download the XML file to proceed to payments in one click! 

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