Create the Commission Rule for the division of the income
and link it to its own Owner.

Access the Property Owners > Commission Rules section

If you have already created them, you will find them in the list.
You can click on [Edit] to change any of the parameters or on the button with the three dots indicated by the arrow, to delete a rule that you do not need anymore.

Click on the [+ Add New] button, to add a new Owner.

a) type in a name for it
b) select the elements to be included in/excluded from the calculation
    (taxes, cleaning fees, extras, commissions)
c) select the value (fixed or in percentage) and how the calculation should be made
   (per reservation, per guest, adult, child)
d) specify, whether the commission can be detracted from the tax calculation
e) type in customized values
    Commissions on the cleaning service, for instance
    Click on the [+] to do that, then on the small pencil, to edit the values.

f) set up the parameters related to the Payment Slips.

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