From the Property Owners > Payment Slips section, you will see all the list of documents issued. filter them by:

  • Number of document

  • Date of issue

  • Property Owner 

  • Status of Payment 

Click on the dedicated button to make any modifications or on the button with the three dots indicated by the arrow, to delete or print out the document.

If you wish to create a new Payment Slip, click on [+ Add new] then.

Fill in all the fields and pay particular attention to the field that enables you to
(a) select who proceeds to the collection of reservations (the agency or the owner?)

You will also have to specify:
b- who's the owner
c- the details of the payment
d- the reservations involved
e- potential additional charges (maintenance or services)
    Click on [Add new] to add them and edit the amount.

The total (f) will be divided, according to your set up.

Once you click on [Save] at the end of the page, you will also see the [Print] button.


Furthermore, by accessing this section, you can download the payment stream in XML! The button is only visible if the Property Owners > Billing section has been completed


An alternative to create a Payment Slips is from the Property Owners > Reservations section. You can select the reservations of your interest and then issue a Payment Slip by clicking on the dedicated button, and following the rules described above.

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