As you may know, if you already have a contract with,
you can create listings form Octorate. However, Octorate also gives you the possibility to create your property from scratch!
To do that, get in touch with and complete this form through this link
Booking will send you an agreement that you will have to sign and they will then send you the Legal Entity ID. A code that enables you to create your property on Octorate! 

Before you start following these instructions, please make sure you already have:

  • at least, 9 pictures in the Settings > Images section 🌅

  • all the fields of the Billing section filled in 📄

  • the Legal ID (read above)

At this point, from Channel Manager > Connect new site > > Connect, click on the House, Create Property

Fill in all the fields, and pay particular attention to: 

  • the Legal property number > it corresponds to the Legal ID
    in case you have a non independent property.

  • Contacts 👤

  • Languages 🈯

  • 9 pictures (they are imported) + Value (description of the picture)

  • Extra 🚥

  • VAT section 🔲

  • Cancellation Policy: it must be the same as the one you insert in each room*
    click on [Add new] to save it.

  • Terms and conditions 📝

Then click on [Send to portals] at the end of the page.


In each room, from the Rooms > Modify > Manage room on  

Fill in all the fields, and pay particular attention to: 

  • the name in the Description section

  • the Cancellation Policy, which has to be the same as the one you previously set in the House button * 

Click on [Save] and [Send to portale] at the bottom of the page.

Once you completed all the instructions, get in touch with the Support Team and they will help you out completing the connection process!
Do you have any questions?
Email us at !
Talk to you soon!

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