Once you have previously set up either one of the external Payment Gateways available (Syspay, Stripe, AddonPayments)
or if you do not use any Payment Gateway (Octorate's only credit card visualisation).
access the Settings > Accounting > Scheduled Takings section to set up and manage
Automatic Payments from its dedicated section

Click on the [+] to start the set up and split the payment according to your needs

Set up the rules for the payment:

Complete all the options and pay particular attention to: 

  • set up how many days in advance before the customer's check in date the transaction needs to be made.

  • choose the methods of payment and the rooms involved that follow this rule.

  • Deselect Charge on credit card in case you only ask for the credit card as a guarantee, but then you let the customer decide the payment method (bank transfer, for example)

    You can also choose the type of Card you wish to charge: all card types, virtual cards only, exclude virtual cards.

  • Set up the value of the amount to charge: fixed and percent value can be activated simultaneously.
    You can also decide to charge the amount of a specific number of nights.

  • Choose the reason of the payment from the drop-down menu: is it for the Room, is it an Extra or for the City Tax?

🔺 If you're using Octorate's Payment Gateway, which does not include an automatic debiting system, you will get a notification email according to the timing scheduled, in order to proceed manually to the debiting.

Select the email type you want to get as a reminder for you and the one to be sent to the customer, if the transaction process is denied 📩
Create a template to use your own customized message! 

Do you know that you can associate an automatic taking rule to a specific Rate? 🔗

Check out this article 👉 Policy Management in the Rate

Manage and check the takings from the Scheduled takings report!
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