From the Booking Engine EVO > General Settings section, you can set the Newsletter option on ON, to require your customers the consent to get your promotional emails.

When making the reservation, the customer will make their choice:

The customer's choice will be recorded in the Customer Contact Form in PMS Real Planning > Administration > Guest List. In case the client's email address is already in the system, the same From will be used to record this new piece of information.
Otherwise, if it's a new contact, a new form will be automatically be created.

In the above example, the customer has requested to get the newsletter on December, the 11th at 12h40. 

For what concerns the promotional message, you will have to create it by yourself, either from your personal email account or with the Octorate Templates, if you have the Web Concierge included in your subscription.
Our aim is that of recording the customer's choice.

You can Export the Guest List in an Excel file, to view the info related to the Newsletter in one single page.

🔻 WARNING ▸ This function is only available for customers with the PMS included in their subscription

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