From the Rooms / Apartments section, click on Rate Plans

Click on [Add New +] and create your rate plan by choosing a name and the typology among the existing ones.
On the right side, complete the Label, Title and Description for at least one language, that is what the customer will see on the Booking Engine, when making the reservation. Then Save.

In the Rate Options section of the Room Config Page (Rooms > Edit), associate the room to a specific rate plan, by selecting it among the ones available in the drop-down menu. The [+] will take you straight to the page of the rate plan set up.

🔺 WARNING: the association of a rate plan overwrites the info on the Breakfast included in the Rate Options section of the Room Config Page.


The icon related to the selected rate plan will be visible:
👉 for you and your co-workers, on the reservations' list

👉 on the OctoDaily

👉  in the daily report, exportable from OctoDaily
👉 to the customer, when making the reservation on the Booking Engine.
       The description will also be readable, by clicking on the icon.

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