From the Rooms / Apartments section, click on Rate Plans

Click on [Add New +] and create your rate plan by choosing a name and the typology among the existing ones.

Decide whether to display the daily rate on the Booking Engine concerning this rate plan, by setting the entry on ON. Leave it OFF, if you wish to display the total price.

If the rate plan is valid on specific periods only, click on the [+] to select specific dates.

You have a rate plan, which is valid on alternate periods during the year, don't you?
Example: September 1-15 and then November 3-18
No problem, you can just add all the range of dates.
You just have to click various times on the [+] button to register all the periods of your interest.

Assign respectively an Automatic Taking rule and/or a Cancellation Policy to the Rate Plan.

Find out how to associate an Extra to the Rate plan, by clicking on the pic 👇

On the right side, the Price section will give you the chance to set up a supplement that can be applied onto the associated rate plan.

You can use it to create packages and rates that include specific services.

Example: I am creating the half Board rate, which costs 15 euros per person per each day, to be added to the total of the reservation.

I will then select the Per person per day increase/decrease entry, from the drop-down menu and 15 in the value box👇

It is a valid (and much quicker) alternative to the derived rates, to be used on your Booking Engine!

⚠️ WARNING: you cannot avoid derived rates when they're linked to any external OTAs. The rate plan management is exclusively linked to the Booking Engine.

In the Texts section, you will find the Label, Title and Description entries, those that will be displayed online on the Booking Engine.

Check out the dedicated article!

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