In the room config page (Rooms/Apartment > Edit) in the Rate Options section, you find the Close room for the next days entry.

As per the CutOff days, this option helps to avoid last minute reservations: everyday, at midnight, system will set the rate on Stop Sale for a number of days that corresponds to the value you inserted in the box!
👉 Example: it is Monday, and I set up Close room for the next days: 2.
Tonight the system will close availabilities for both, Tuesday and Wednesday on the rate in question. 

This option differs from the CutOff days for two main reasons:

  • it is set up in the room config page and it stays active until you do not decide to remove the value. CutOff days are set up from the Calendar for a specific time lapse.

  • it is compatible with all the portals, while CutOff days for Booking Engine EVO and only.

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