You have some regular customers and you want to save their details
in order no to type them in next time, don't you?👩‍💻 Create a Guest List!

Access the Reservation details' page👇

and start entering the client's details, as you would do for any ordinary checkin, then save at the bottom of the page. Click on the button with the wheels👇

You will then access the Customer Card, which contains all the info you previously saved, together with other fields you can fill in, according to your needs. Save at the bottom of the page!

In the PMS Real Planning > Administration > Guest List section, you'll see all the Customer Cards saved.

The two-circular-arrow button you find in the Guest List 🔄

enables you to create customer cards automatically, by importing all those future reservations that have an email address included in this section ✉️ all the emails that end with are discarded, as they are considered as fake.

⚠️ WARNING - in order to enable the autofill it is necessary to insert a third element between the date of birth and (or) the email. This info is fundamental to avoid any case of homonymy among the guests.
Also remember that this tool can only be used in the single child accounts.


As soon as you will have to enter a new manual reservation for any of these customers, start typing in one of their personal details, even partially.
The system will run a check on the data in the Guest list and will then show you all the possible compatible customer cards.
Click on the guest of your interest and all the fields will be completed automatically.

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