You are unsure about the situation of the availabilities on your Calendar, aren't you?
Let's try to clarify some of the most frequent doubts with these three examples:

On the 22nd of January, the availability box shows 0 and it is red with stripes.
This means that there are 0 rooms available and none of the derived rates is bookable.
Click here for the article on how to update availabilities on Octorate.

On the 23rd, Stop Sale was activated on all the derived rates of this typology, the red boxes confirm it.
Despite the availability box indicates the left units in green, none of the rates is bookable**.

On the 24th of January, Stop Sale was activated on two of the three existing rates.
The Not Refundable rate is the only bookable one**.


**🔺Warning: remember that the Stop Sale is taken into account from the Booking Engine, only when this option👇is active in the Booking Engine EVO > Facility section

Leaving this entry on OFF could be a strategic choice to stop selling rates on the connected portals and keeping on selling them only on the Booking Engine EVO.

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